SMD Signal iPhone X or 10 [IOS 12x To 16x with Network]

Want to use frequently

PLEASE NOTE: After order don't wait for Success order when Show In Process try bypass your Device.


Before you place an order, please connect the device to the tool, if it shows SUPPORTED, then you can submit

- Tool works on MacOS only
- iOS 12 Till 14.8 supported


Download Tool here

-Jailbreak device.
-Connect to wifi and go to the activation page with login/password. Need for correct pre-check the device.
-Connect to SMD and verify that is "your device is Supported". If you will see "supported No Signal" - start Over from step 2 and don't order without support message.
-Copy SN by double-click and place order
-Choose checkboxes you wish. For example: "Fake reset" means Erase button in menu doesn't work. "Remove jailbreak" is remove a jailbreak after bypass for bank's applications.
-Press Activate.

=> You can’t add to the database before the device will be checked by the application
=> You must check if your device is supported with the tool before submitting SN